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South Hungary Felt Tour
Aug 19-30, 2019

This tour is going to be awesome: we'll visit the Festival of Folk Arts, (which is a blast already!), a rare Folk Art Exhibit in Budapest, the medieval castle of Ozora, and my favorite part of the country: the region of beautiful Pécs. We'll have a chance to visit two artist's studios, and will have a special private trunk show on the last day. 


- Gabriella Kovács: 3D Towers
with complex resist templates (2 days)
- Márti Csille: Felted 3D Jewelry with Wirework
(1 day) 
- Mara Bárány and Gyöngy Terényi:
Leather decorations and strengthening techniques on hollow felt forms (2 days) 


Remaining spaces:  SOLD OUT
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