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I am Flóra Carlile-Kovács, felt artist and instructor born and raised in Hungary now living and working in Seattle, WA. If you'd like to see my felt art work please visit my website.

In one of my workshops in 2015 at the Pacific Northwest Art School, my students asked me if I could organize a tour to Hungary, where they could hone their felting skills by learn from our outstanding Hungarian felt masters while traveling in the country, trying our delicious foods, visiting Turkish baths etc. This daydream soon become true, I led my first East Hungary Felt Tour in 2016. The first tour was so well received I kept repeating it year after year and I was inspired to create new itineraries as well. 

This job, to introduce extarordinary Hungarian artists and artisans to the international tour participants from all around the world, became my mission. 

I now organize two tours a year (one in April, and one in September). I arrange world-class felt workshops where participants can learn an array of felting techniques from our skilled and innovative instructors. I take my groups to amazing places that no guide books would mention. I order traditional dishes for our lunches to experience the flavors of the local cuisine.  I balance the felting workshops with fun activities such as visiting thermal baths, contemporary craft markets, antique/flea markets and seasonally available programs, exhibits, concerts.

At the end of these tours, participants return home with new felting skills, new treasures, hundreds of photos, special memories, new friendships, and a lot of inspiration. 

I hope you, too, will be my guest one day, 

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